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About Us

Mr. Speedometer Inc - Part people. Part Technology. Built to serve you better.

We are a Canadian-grown, family-run company that combines current industry savvy and future foresight with a strong commitment to customer relationships.  Since the 1980s our company’s products and customer service processes have earned us a solid reputation for being innovative, user-friendly and low-maintenance.

Originally known as Mr. Speedometer, our early years were spent installing, testing and repairing taximeters and speedometers.  This work introduced us to all sorts of cables, tips and adapter parts, causing our business to naturally evolve into one that provided a variety of meters and gauges to multiple industries.

In the 1980s and 1990s we focused on the installation, repairs and testing of speedometers, taximeters and tachographs for a variety of transportation and automotive industries gaining a good reputation as a reliable source for repairs and parts.

As we evolved so too did the opportunities for growth our taxi business had us using many sswhite products that company eventually approached to become their western canadian distributors - a move which added building cables and adapters offering.

Eventually, our heavy involvement in the taxi industry enticed us to purchase the Record Taximeter product and we became the official manufacturer of this industry-leading meter.  Adding the manufacturing and sales of taxi top lights to our product offering was the logical next step for us, allowing us to offer a ‘full-service’ shopping experience to the taxi industry. Our experience further enticed us to start our own fleet of 60 taxis, giving us an advantageous insider’s perspective of our client’s needs and the future of the taxi industry.

In September of 2007, SSWhite offered us the opportunity to purchase their ATM Division.  In December of 2007 the deal was done and in January of 2008 we received the entire inventory and tooling from SSWhite to begin to market their product to North America and beyond.

In 2013 we officially changed our name to Record Technologies.  As the stock of SSWhite depletes, we will continue to provide our clients with the same high standard of part manufacturers they are used to.  While the name on all of our parts moving forward will be Record, you can rest assured that only the name, and not our commitment to serving you the best we can, has changed.

In 2017 we moved to our newest location to better serve our customers with our brand new manufacturing and testing equipment. These changes allow us to keep your business competitive in an ever changing market place.